Measure how your people like to work

Work better with colleagues, improve team culture and understand who to hire. For smart teams with big ambitions.

How it works

We measure workstyles, a new dimension for hiring and team success.
It takes just 5-10 minutes to complete and won’t bore you to tears.

Team Performance

Send our online survey to your teams for insights on how to work better together and improve team performance.

Hire for Fit

Survey candidates ahead of interviews to ensure they’ll be a good fit with how the team like to work.

Team Design

See how people work together, model different team structures to create happier teams.

Using data and science to measure team fit

ThriveMap helps you start conversations about team fit and works great with...


Arm yourself with unique candidate insights and tailored advice to ensure you ask all the right questions at interview

Aptitude Tests

Use ThriveMap alongside technical ability and IQ tests to ensure both skills and team fit are both covered

Psychometric Tests

Combine ThriveMap's "workstyle" insights with psychometrics for more in-depth people analysis

Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrate ThriveMap with your existing ATS and HR systems to give you the data you need to make better team and hiring decisions

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