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Know how your candidates like to work ahead of hiring them.

How it works

We tell you which candidate will be the best fit with your team
By comparing how they like to work, with how the team likes to work.


Send our easy to complete online survey to your candidates. Survey your teams to increase your team fit accuracy.


See which candidate is the best fit with your team. See team fit ranking plus detailed strengths and weaknesses.


Hire the best fit for the team with objective measures. Avoid the risk of discrimination from subjective judgement.

Turbo-charge What You Already Do

ThriveMap® works great with...


Arm yourself with unique candidate insights and tailored advice to ensure you ask all the right questions at interview.

Aptitude Tests

Use ThriveMap® alongside technical ability and IQ tests to ensure skills and team fit are both covered.


Combine ThriveMap® insights with psychometrics for a richer candidate understanding

Open Hiring

Hiring graduates and apprentices? Use ThriveMap® to choose the right team to place them in

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