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ThriveMap enables you to quickly and easily filter candidates for culture fit so you only interview the best. Compare culture fit scores ahead of interview to select candidates that will thrive in your culture.

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Individuals with a strong team fit score outperform those with a weak one by 40%

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Create the ThriveMap of the ideal candidate or test the team

Test the team for culture fit

Quickly see which candidates would and wouldn't work with this team

Consistently and quickly hire candidates who are going to be the best performers

Test candidate culture fit with your teams
With the ThriveMap report, we can see quickly if a candidate will fit in with the team. You can analyze different aspects, such as: experience, behaviours etc, but for cultural fit, without ThriveMap it's more a subjective question than objective.

Oriol Garcia Vicente, Recruitment and Legal Coordinator
Carglass Spain

Based on science and machine learning

Based on research by Amy Kristof Brown

Our scientific process is inspired by the research of Professor Amy Kristof-Brown, professor and senior associate dean of University of Iowa, specialising in person-environment fit.

Amy Kristof-Brown is a professor of management, grounded in psychology, with a PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management, is a specialist in person-environment fit, and has on published research specifically on team fit.

What candidates say
For me it's very important to ensure cultural fit, and it show that Carglass are different, they're not like the others. They really care about making sure the culture match is there.

Carglass, Spain

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Chris Platts. CEO

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Values and culture are interlinked but fundamentally different:

  • Values are the way in which an organisation wants to conduct itself. They are typically driven from the top down, and tend to be a static set of guidelines and definitions of the actions and behaviours that a company wants to adhere to.
  • Culture is how things actually happen. It is driven from the bottom upwards, and is different between teams, departments and regions. Culture is therefore an aggregate of the people within a team or group.
  • Culture Fit is when people are working in an environment that suits and supports how they like to work.

Every team has their own unique culture, intentionally created or otherwise, and you can use ThriveMap to measure yours.
No, ThriveMap is not a personality test. Personality tests tell you about who a person is, ThriveMap measures how people like to work. It's a subtle but important difference because personality tests show almost no correlation to predicted job performance, whereas the environment people work in has a huge impact on whether someone will succeed or fail at work.
After a candidate or team member takes the assessment, they receive their own ThriveMap profile, however, they don't see the team profile or fit score. Whether you choose to share these results with candidates or team members is completely up to you, and we have an 'anonymous' feature which can be used to hide sensitive information.
Existing psychometric tools can work well with ThriveMap's culture fit assessment. If you'd like to know how ThriveMap could add to your existing talent assessment suite then contact us.
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