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ThriveMap is the only platform that allows you to measure your culture in a clear and concise way, allowing managers and recruiters to talk about culture fit with a common shared language.

Remove hiring ambiguity by creating a consistent objective and scaleable candidate selection process.

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Embed the ThriveMap survey into your recruitment process

Identify candidates that fit culturally

Share candidate reports with managers ahead of interview

Make more informed, consistent hiring choices

Identify the best culture fit candidates
With the ThriveMap report, we can see quickly if a candidate will fit in with the team. You can analyze different aspects, such as: experience, behaviours etc, but for cultural fit, without ThriveMap it's more a subjective question than objective.

Oriol Garcia Vicente, Recruitment and Legal Coordinator
Carglass Spain

Based on science and machine learning

Based on research by Amy Kristof Brown

Our scientific process is inspired by the research of Professor Amy Kristof-Brown, professor and senior associate dean of University of Iowa, specialising in person-environment fit.

Amy Kristof-Brown is a professor of management, grounded in psychology, with a PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management, is a specialist in person-environment fit, and has on published research specifically on team fit.

What candidates say
For me it's very important to ensure cultural fit, and it show that Carglass are different, they're not like the others. They really care about making sure the culture match is there.

Carglass, Spain

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We're on a mission to be the most widely used and accurate method of predicting culture fit

Chris Platts. CEO

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ThriveMap measures how people like to work and provides a visual description of the working environment they'll perform best in.

Each ThriveMap shape displays preferences on 5 key attributes that relate to the conditions required to perform well in a team. These are:

  • Decision Making
  • Career Progression
  • Working Style
  • Measuring Performance
  • Team Interaction

The assessment is inspired by the research conducted by Dr. Amy Kristof-Brown a specialist in person-environment fit, professor of management, with a PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management. Learn more about our science here.
Making sure a new hire fits in with the team is in everybody's best interest. It's going to ensure that the candidate is in the right environment, onboards quicker and ensures that the team and manager know what to expect ahead of them joining.

When sending out the survey, there is an option to customise the email with a message to clearly explain what you are hoping to achieve while using ThriveMap. It's important to note that there are no right or wrong answers to the survey, just preferences, and understanding these preferences enables us to work better together.
Value fit assessment is best done by you at interview stage through structured, competency-based interview questions. However if company values are the roadmap to your company's long-term success, company culture is the navigator, dictating every turn you make on the way. While one is dependant on long term strategic planning, the other is the day to day mechanisms of what is actually going on.

We all know that companies are not one culture, but made up of teams with their own unique sub-cultures. Although candidates may share the company values it's more frequent that they fail at a team level. Recent studies support this by showing that Person-Group (team) fit has a higher correlation to success than Person-Organisation (company) fit. Read more about our science here.
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