The Science

We use organisational psychology, management experience and statistically validated data to measure the five dimensions of practical company culture, in order to improve hiring accuracy and team performance.

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[Team member] commonalities provide for easier communication and coordination within the team, as well as facilitate a common understanding of the team’s objectives and strategies for goal accomplishment.

Amy Kristof-Brown
PhD in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

What is company culture?

If company values are the roadmap to your success, company culture is the navigator, dictating every turn you make on the way.

While one is dependant on long term strategic planning, the other is the day to day mechanisms of what is actually going on.

Everyone has their own unique culture, whether they have actively planned it or not. Use ThriveMap to identify yours.

Measuring culture

Recent research has shown that person-group fit (PG fit) has a significantly stronger correlation to performance than person-organisation fit (PO fit).

In other words, someone fitting with the team is much more important than if they fit with the company. This is why we measure culture fit on a team rather than organisational level.

Based on research conducted by Amy Kristof-Brown, we developed a brand new technique to measure person-group fit.

Our methodology combines the latest in technology to give recruiters both complementary and supplementary fit assessment reports, whilst avoiding the known limitations of aggregated personality-based measurements of PG fit.

Based on culture fit research by Amy Kristof Brown

A professor of management, grounded in psychology, with a PhD in organizational behavior and human resource management, Amy Kristof-Brown is a specialist in person-environment fit, and has published research specifically on person-group fit.

How ThriveMap works

ThriveMap is a survey that measure the 5 key attributes that make up day-to-day culture:

  • Decision Making
  • Career Progression
  • Working Style
  • Measuring Performance
  • Team Interaction

This is how well an individual's preferred work style fits with a team or work group they would be joining.

This is how well an individual’s work style preference matches with the style in which the manager has said they manage the team.

This is someone's unique shape that visually represents their preferred working style. By overlapping maps, our algorithms can predict potential risks and areas of cohesion between people and teams.

Who is on a team matters less than how the team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions.

Julia Rozovsky, Analyst, Google People Operations
Project Aristotle, Google Inc.

ThriveMap forces people to choose between two opposing statements, in order to eke out a preference. Unlike personality tests, ThriveMap doesn’t produce 80 page reports, claiming to know everything about an individual. We ask direct questions, and give you direct results in response.

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We're on a mission to be the most widely used and accurate method of predicting culture fit

Chris Platts. CEO

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